Essential Guide For Cooking With Offset Smokers

12 May

Also known as the barrel smokers, the offset smokers can an exciting and fun-filled experience for any user who loves and values cooking. They come with a separate firebox usually attached to the cooking chamber to allow direct grilling in the firebox and either direct or indirect cooking in the smoking chamber. When mastered by the user, the indirect cooking technique can be the most exciting and fantastic way of preparing a wide range of dishes and meals such as fish, poultry smoked meat, and barbecue among others. The secret for the best indirect cooking using the offset smokers is the ability and capability of the user to maintain an even cooking heat supply over a long time. The art of keeping the heat supply and temperature is, in fact, the most challenging feature and skill most people face when using the offset smoker, see a list of offset smokers here!

For any new buyer interested in purchasing the barrel smoker, the thickness of the steel is one of the primary and major features they should look out to ensure uniform supply of heat throughout the usage and cooking process. Other than not retaining the heat as desired and expected, thin steel also makes it hard for the cook to maintain a constant temperature when using the smoker and the area near the firebox tends to be hotter than the rest of the chamber. If one settles for the smoker with very thin steel, they may be forced to rotate the meat frequently to ensure even cooking due to the big temperature in the chamber. Although one may still cook quality barbecue and smoked meat with such small gauged steel, they may have to go through more challenges as compared to one using the thicker gauged steel, click here!

For a starter looking forward to using the barrel smoker, they may find some of the tips below useful.

Seasoning the smoker. It entails coating the inside of the smoker with cooking and building fire in the firebox. Wood chips are then added for smoke and used to maintain the temperature at a range of 250 to 275 degrees. Look for more information about offset smoker, go to

Always use coals for heating and not firewood. Charcoal helps to produce and maintain a more stable and constant temperature compared to wood.

Preheating the cooking chamber to the right temperature. It should be done while the lid is closed to ensure an even heat supply unless one is cooking meat which requires occasional rotating.

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